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Just finished inking another LoL fanart — Another one since I also drew Sivir and Ahri in the past, but never showed them ‘cause I’m still not confident with colors… There’s like a billion of inked drawings in my drawers that I just can’t post because of this issue ;A;. I love strong black lines — as you obviously can see xD—, but maybe they’re the reason the colors don’t pop the way I want them… That or it’s just an excuse for sucking at coloring! Whyyy ? ._.

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3 notes
Saturday Aug 8 @ 07:27pm
tagged as: League of Legends. Janna. art. Whyyyyy can't I just put the colors the way I want?! ;A;. flying woman.

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  2. catsschrodinger answered: my issue with coloring is that i love how sketch-y it looks with just basics. but beautiful artwork. the bold lines make it pop.
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